Related bands:

Gordon's 'grown-up' band - the original Rockabilly Rebel chart act.

Hang Loose
Phil and Keith's blues/rock/soul band.

Just For Kicks [JFK]
Gordon, Trev, Keith and PJ's 'authentic' rock 'n' roll band.

Moose on the Loose
Barry's Canadian folk-rock group.

Not Tonight, Josephine
Phil and Barry's function band.

Jam Night at The Plough
Rick's, revival of his original concept at the spiritual home.

The Plough, Kings Walden
The Ploughmen's birthplace

The Plough, Kings Walden

LemonRock The Plough on LemonRock

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The Malta, Batford
The Ploughmen's second home

The Malta, Batford

LemonRock The Malta on LemonRock

FAceBook The Malta on FaceBook


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